More Programs

Financial Literacy for Youth

Will give the youth we serve, the skills and knowledge that will help them in making informed and effective financial decisions.

Financial Literacy for Adults and Couples

Participants will learn to talk about money & work through financial disagreements. Couples will not only be taught how to talk about money but also how to get on the same page regarding money and come up with an agreed-upon plan.

Sports Fundamentals - Total Player Development Program

Our Total Player Development Program focuses on shaping well-rounded athletes with exceptional sportsmanship, effective communication, and strong leadership skills. The sports program offers basketball training and more. The program also offers community service, college tours, leadership training, male empowerment, and team-building activities.

Summer Fun Enrichment

Provides academic reinforcement, and structured indoor and outdoor recreational and sports activities.

The Power WITHIN Youth & Family Conference

For middle & high school students to connect between

school and summer. Its activities include team building, motivational and educational workshops, and prevention programs. The conference hangs on the quote by Marianne

Williamson, "What are Your Deepest Fears?"